The Atlas Lab 2018 will take place on 16-19 October at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

The Atlas Lab is an international meeting place for composers and musicians from all over the world. Devoted to the development of new intercultural music the Atlas Lab offers presentations, demonstrations, instrumental lessons, lectures, composers practical workshops on Asian instruments and seminars about eastern musical cultures and composing for intercultural instrumental combinations.

Demonstrations and concerts of Middle Eastern and Asian instruments
wind instruments – shakuhachi, duduk, sheng, sho
plucked strings – tar, setar
bowed strings – erhu, kamancha, kemençe, sarangi

2 Workshops and lessons for instrumental students 
Playing together, oral transmission, improvisation with top soloists from Japan, China, India, Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey: Naomi Sato (sho), Harrie Starreveld (shakuhachi), Wu Wei (sheng), Zhao Yuanchun (erhu), Yuji Nakagawa (sarangi), Kiya Tabassian (setar), Raphaela Danksagmüller (duduk), Elshan Mansurov (kamancha), Elcin Nagijev (tar) and Neva Özgen (kemençe).  

Composers' workshops for the creation of new intercultural works
Composers and musicians come together to try out sketches and research possibilities under the guidance of Joël Bons and Wim Henderickx

4 Lectures and documentation
Lectures address a variety of subjects. The activities of the Atlas Lab are documented (audiovisual and written) with the objective to build a comprehensive digital library.